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Primorye is my native place

Pankov Gennady,
School №42 Vladivostok, 11 form

It is situated in the South-East of the Russian Far East. Primorsky krai, the official name of the territory, was established on the 20th of October in 1938. Primorye has borders with China in the West and Democratic People’s Republic of Korea in the South –West. The Eastern border of Primorsky Krai is washed by the waters of the Sea of Japan. Primorsky krai is connected with other regions and countries by air, railway, sea and road-transport communication. The capital of Primorye is Vladivostok. There are big cities such as Nakhodka, Ussuriisk, Dalnerechensk, Spassk-Dalny, Arseniev, Artyom in Primorsky krai where a lot of people live.
The most part of the territory (80 per cent) is occupied by Sikhote-Alin mountain ridge with its peak mountain Anik (1933 meters). The biggest river of Primorye is Ussuri; its length is 903 kilometers. Primorye is a unique place on the Earth indeed. You can find here more than 520 various unique objects of nature – lakes, waterfalls, ancient extinct volcanoes, caves, islands, etc. The scientists say that there are almost 4 per cent of endemic plants, some of them can be found only in Primorye, and 8 per cent of plants are written to the Red Book of Russia. Fauna diversity of Primorsky krai is fantastic! A lot of kinds of animals and birds live in this territory. Our nature provides an excellent opportunity for everyone to be keen on various types of adventure and ecological tourism and outdoor activities like hiking, fishing, hunting, rafting, mountain climbing, speleology, surfing, yachting sport and so on.
The future of Primorye is splendid! The region is developing very fast because of the greatest event which is planned to be here - Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Forum. Now the federal center considers Vladivostok and Primorsky Krai to be an advanced post of Russia on Pacific Ocean coast, a platform for integrating Russia to the Pacific Rim Countries as the center of business, economic, political and humanitarian cooperation. It goes without saying – Primorye is the best place to live, to study and to work!
I am fond of photography, please, look at my pictures of Primorye.


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