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Severodvinsk/island Yagri

Кузьмина Татьяна
Общеобразовательная гимназия №6, Архангельск
Учитель: Симонова Инга Борисовна

Yagry is Summer Island near the White Sea coast at the mouth of Northern Dvina River. The island has one of the districts of Severodvinsk.
On the beach of Yagrah is a large pine forest, which is one of the favorite places of entertainment of all inhabitants of the city. High evergreen pines, in the summer - asphalt tracks, forest vegetation and a beautiful sandy beach and dunes, make Yagry very popular at the height of beach season. In winter, when snow covered Yagry, the forest appears comfortable ski trail. Children ride on a sled with snow-capped mountains. The forest is a protected area and in all seasons it is pleasant to stroll. Near the coast you can catch a flounder, saffron cod, smelt, whitefish. The largest river on the island Yagry - Kambalitsa, the largest lake - Chayache. The island's population is 40,000 people, there is an enterprise OAO CS «Zvezdochka», whose main profile - ship repair. Here is a yacht club, "North"
It was here that on 24 of August in 1553 the only survived ship of the expedition of Hugh Willoughby docked, who was commanded by the English captain, Richard Chancellor. The British named the island "Pink."
Yagry - a quiet and ccomfortable place, at the same time - very picturesque. I think there will be pleasant to live here when you will get a family and will tire of city life. Don’t miss the chance to spend time here!


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