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Arkhangelsk. “The Small Korely”

Дуркина Ксения Анатольевна
Гимназия № 6 г. Архангельск
Ученица 10 «Б» класса.
Учитель – Симонова Инга Борисовна

The museum «Small Korely» is the largest open-air museum of wooden architecture in Russia. It was based on July, 17th, 1964. The museum is based on the territory of 140 hectares and presents more than 100 monuments of wooden architecture of XVI—XIX centuries. The unique cult constructions reflect historical-ethnographic features of region, original culture and traditions of pomors of the Russian North (churches, belltowers, chapels), all types country dwelling of The Russian North.
The collective of experts under the direction of the Russian architect B.V.Gnedovsky developed the museum general plan, according to which division of a museum into sectors according to historical and cultural division into districts is provided. Now the structure of an architecturally-landscape exposition contains 4 sectors: Kargopolsko-Onezhsky, Mezensky, Dvinskoy and Pinezhsky.
Among the museum monuments — Nikolsky church, the rare three-private temple ensemble of XVIII century which is situated on the historical native land.
There are also unique collections of subjects of material and spiritual culture of the Russian North. Today the museum offers the excursion routes, the educational programs, the traditional national holidays with participation of folklore-ethnographic theater "Novitsa", festivals, wedding ceremonies, peals. Museum expositions acquaint visitors with life of northern peasants. In 1996 «the Arkhangelsk state museum of wooden architecture and folk art «Small Korely» is included in the list of especially valuable objects of a cultural heritage of the peoples of the Russian Federation.


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