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Arkhangelsk, the Museum of Northern Seafaring

Пятнова Ксения Александровна, ученица 6в класса.
МБОУ СОШ№8 г. Архангельск
Учитель: Сенина Ольга Геннадьевна,
учитель английского языка.

Arkhangelsk is known to be the first Russian seaport. Foreign ships from Western Europe arrived in Arkhangelsk with their goods and took away corn, tar, hemp, furs, flax. In 1693 the urgent necessity for Russia made Peter the Great have a fleet and he founded the first-owned shipbuilding yard in Solombala (Arkhangelsk). The scale-model of this ship is displayed in the Museum of Seafaring. This museum is about the Pomors and the history of the port of Arkhangelsk from its foundation up to the present time. The Arkhangelsk State Northern Shipping Company played an important part in the economic development of the European North of Russian. Photos and documents displayed in the Museum acquaint the visitors with its history.
Arkhangelsk is also referred to as the gate to the Arctic Region. It was a starting point for many Polar research expeditions, headed by V.Chichagov, F.Litke, P.Pakhtusov, V.Rusanov, C.Sedov. .In 1932 an expedition headed by Otto Schmidt left Arkhangelsk for Vladivostok on the ice-breaker “Sibiryakov”. It was the first ship in history to complete the voyage along the Northern Sea Route in a single navigation.
A considerable place in the Museum is given to the exhibits relating to the period of the Great Patriotic War. Weapons and cargoes from the UK and the USA were delivered to the ports of Murmansk and Arkhangelsk.


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