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My native city is Rostov-on-Don

Боноварян Серафима, 8 класс «Б»,
лицей № 1 «Классический» г.Ростова-на-Дону,
Учитель Стародубцева Елена Анатольевна.

My native city is Rostov-on-Don. I have lived here for 14 years and have a lot of recollections connected with this city. Rostov-on-Don is the capital of the Don Area. It is situated mostly on the right bank of the Don River, 32 km from the Sea of Azov. The population of Rostov-on-Don is about 1,5 people. It is a big city I suppose.
The mouth of the Don River has been of great commercial and cultural importance since the ancient times. Rostov-on-Don was founded on December 15, 1749, as a customs house it was set up on the Temernik River. In 1796 this settlement received town rights and was renamed Rostov-on-Don. Most of the city was reduced to rubble by the German forces who occupied it twice during World War II. I think our city is heroic.
Nowadays Rostov-on-Don has 48 higher educational establishments, including 13 universities, 9 academies, 34 secondary schools of vocational training. The largest educational establishments of the city are: Southern Federal University, Rostov State Medical University, Rostov State Conservatory named after Sergei Rachmaninoff, Rostov Institute of Foreign Languages, Rostov Institute of Law of the Russian Juridical Academy of the Russian Federation. My favourite street in Rostov is Bolshaya Sadovaya street with its shops, cinemas, cafes and beautiful Gorky park where I like to walk and sit in the sun. I feel very comfortable in this place and recommend you to visit it first.


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