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Тhe museum of the forgotten taste

Фескина Евгения Юрьевна
МБОУ СОШ №15 г.о. Коломна
Учитель французского и английского языков,
молодой специалист

The Kolomna’s paste is the antique Russian delicacy which became the symbol of Kolomna in XVIII-XIX centuries. The Kolomna’s and Rjev’s pastes were the most well-known ones in our country. They were made in Kolomna during 300 years. It was made by hand for two days, then dried in a bake and stored for ages.
The first paste’s factory and shop which attracted different people from all over the world were opened in 1735. Unfortunately, Kolomna’s paste was forgotten after the Revolution. But nowadays the traditions of Kolomna’s paste are reviving due to the foundation of the Museum of pastes. The reborn original recipe has formed the basis of the museum collection which has more than 30 kinds of pastes. This museum was opened near St. Nickola’s Church in Posad in 2009.
The amazing paste collection has settled in the famous house of merchants Suranovy, in the heart of Kolomna’s posad. The walls of this house received guests during 200 years. I. Lazhechnikov, N. Gilyarov-Platonov, B.Pilnyak sat around drinking tea here. Boris Pilnyak even wrote the short story named «Kolomna’s paste» in 1920s.
Come to our ancient town and taste this delicacy, which has become the symbol of Kolomna!


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