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One of the attractions of Chita

Волкова Лиза 4а класс
МБОУ СОШ №49 г.Чита Забайкальский край
Учитель Рюмина Наталья Ивановна

Chita is a wonderful town. It has a rich history. It is famous not only for its history, but also for its brilliant nature and healthy mineral springs. Such as: Molokovka, Ugdan, Darasun and others. The water in these springs help people to treat their health. They drink water and take a mud cure. The healthy resort Molokovka is the most famous. It is known in Zabaikalie, in the Far East and in all Russia. Since 1841 a small mountain river gave it its name. Molokovka is the oldest healthy resort in our region. People know it since 1841. In 1887 doctor Prorokov opened here a small healthy resort. This healthy resort had some small houses with open water –pipe and baths. In those days the resort worked only in summer. In 1936 it began to work all year round. Last years the territory has changed very much. A lot of new and modern houses were built. Medical studies and laboratories have new and modern equipment. Here people treat different diseases: such as: problems with heart, stomach and others.
The people drink water of different degrees according to their problems. We are proud of out town, our mineral springs, and our healthy resorts and invite to visit our region.


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