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Ulyanovsk. The Undorovsky paleontologic museum.

Панова Наталья 7 В класс
МАОУ Физико-математический лицей № 38 г.Ульяновска
Учитель – Камышанова Алина Валерьевна

The Undorovsky paleontologic museum is the first museum in the Volga region and Russia which has a unique remains of ancient sea pangolins of Jurassic and Cretaceous periods. There are more than 2500 samples found mainly in vicinities of a village Undory, and also in the Ulyanovsk region and adjacent areas. The museum was created in 1981 originally as a school.The museum cooperates with scientific institutions of Russia and foreign countries, and also gives the consulting help to other museums of the Volga region. Three exposition halls are located there: natural, paleontologic and historical. So you can make a fascinating trip following stories of our region.
The formation and development of the Undorovsky museum went through difficult years of economical problems of our country. As well as all museums of Russia, the museum appeared on the verge of a survival.
The main part of the museum collection consists of fossil invertebrates of late Mesozoic period. During the museum’s existence popular scientific articles written by employees of the museum were published in newspapers and magazines of the Ulyanovsk region, shows on the radio and television with stories about our corner of the world were shown. The museum gives lectures and organizes excursions for local students of universities and teachers. Due to ecological education of future generation lots of school children with their teachers visit this museum and even take part in searching the remains of ancient reptiles. My class was there two years ago and I was really impressed. It’s really worth visiting.


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