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Лобова Светлана Юрьевна
МАОУ СОШ №4 с углубленным изучением отдельных предметов,
г. Екатеринбург, учитель английского языка

One of the oldest settlement is village Pisanets in Sverdlovsk region. It is located not far from Artyomovskiy. The first mention about this village date from 1645. After that information about Pisanets were written by Remezovs in 1703. The founders were settlers from Vologda region. The village has unusual name. It was named in honour of “Pisanniy stone”. This stone is outskirts of the village. It is big stone rock in the upper part of the River Irbit. The history of “ Pisaniy Stone” is full of mystery. The stone was created with sun, wind and water. It was place of unknown tribe’s site. You can see antique, undiscovered rock paintings on one side of stone. The ritual image of animals and incomprehensible symbols preserved to our time. There are many myths and legends connected with the stone. One of the legend said that tribal chief lived in the cave. One day he suffered defeat and ran away from the enemies. He jumped down in the River Irbit. After that his servants drew a picture of death on the stone. The picture was drawn with blood. Some of the old-residents believe that Snow man live in environs of “ Pisanniy Stone”
A lot of scientists researched “Pisanniy stone”, among them the Dutch Vidzen, German Strinberg from Tobolsk, G. Miller, academisian A.P. Karpinskiy, professor V. N. Chernetsov.
The Stone was announced The State nature reserve in 1959. It is the main place of interest of village. There are many tourists every summer.


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