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St. Petersburg. Shuvalovsky Park

Гречаниченко Марина Борисовна,
учитель английского языка
ГОБУ СОШ № 457 с углубленным изучением английского языка
Выборгского района г. Санкт-Петербурга.
Гречаниченко Марина Борисовна

Люблю свой родной город Санкт-Петербург, семью и моих учеников. Мне доставляет довольствие водить машину, садоводство, чтение, слушать классический рок.

It’s worth visiting Shuvalovsky Park in the North of Saint Petersburg! Its territory is over 140 hectares and 136 of them are located within the borders of a protected object of cultural heritage. In the South-Eastern part of the Park is located bulk hill height of 61 m, received the name of "Parnas". This hill was created by the hands of serf of count Shuvalov in the middle of the XVIII century. Its name is connected with the ancient Greek mythology, where Parnas was considered a dwelling place for the God Apollo and the muses. From the top of the hill, on which was arranged a special fenced Playground with benches, was seen even the Gulf of Finland. Today it can be seen in the most panoramic view of the Northern new buildings, while in clear weather from the top of the Parnas is also seen the dome of St. Isaac's Cathedral.
During the great Patriotic War in the hill was dug team point of contact of the Leningrad front. Now it’s a favourite place of residents of St. Petersburg to sleigh down and ski in winter and walk all year round.
There you can see a very nice church built in neo-gothic style. Moreover, Shuvalovsky Park is a large oasis of peace next to our busy city. Long time ago it was well-planned but now it looks neglected. Walking along the roads and paths you can enjoy such informal unknown sights like Napoleon’s Hat Pond and Napoleon’s Shirt Pond. The half turned into the forest park is a lovely place to escape from the noise in any season. Century-old spruces have mixed with birches and pine trees. There are no branches to get rest so you keep walking and every turn of the path shows the old park in a new way.


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