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Pushkin Lyceum

Доля Даниил Валерьевич

My favourite place is in Pushkin-it is Lyuceum, because the poet Aleksandr Pushkin lived and studied here. I have been there a lot of times. You can drive there by car or by bus

In the literature history there was no case, that writer or poet devoted so many places in his works to school which brought him up, as A.S. Pushkin to Lyceum.
At first the wing was build for grandchildren of Catherine II. It was connected with place by thrown over street gallery. But then Tsarskoe Selo was chosen, as the place for Lyceum, young and talented architecture V.P. Strogonov got the task to prepare building for educational establishment needs. Post of the Lyceum leader was given to civil servant of Foreign Affairs. College Archives- Vasiliy Malinovskiy. He had to have more than decent life, has to have wide know lede at different science and languages in Lyceum taught by Statute. At last all was ready for opening day. Thirteen boys, who passed the first hard test-entrance exams, became to Lyceum alumnus. Lyceum was the peace of Pushkin youth, that was the birthplace of talent, the birthplace of that great friendship. I usually find the inspiration when I go to the Lyceum.


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