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St. – Petersburg, Pushkin

St. – Petersburg, the city of Pushkin.
School № 407, 8 «А» class,
Nekoz Anastasia.

My name is Nastya. I’m fifteen years old. I like dancing, singing and playing the guitar. My native town is Smolensk. I have lived in Pushkin for ten years. Pushkin is a beautiful town. In this town there’re a lot of beautiful and amazing places. My favourite place is a big and a little caprices, which are built in Aleksander’s park. I’ve been there with my friends lots of times. Across the road sepavating Catherine Park from Aleksander Park, you can see two originally designed bridges. One of them is called Grande Caprice. It’s a massive humpback arch topped by a pagoda. The bridge is one of the most original construction in the park, combining elements of antique and Oriental architecture. I like this place because it’s always quiet and isolated. Grande caprice as well as Small caprice located nearby, was designed in 1770 by architect Neelov. The Grand Caprice was used as the main entrance to Tsarskoe Selo. It has a width of 5 metres and a height of 7 metres. Next to it – the second opening but much smaller in width and height. The high steep walls arch, as well as a cylindrical vault, built of limestone.
Both the Big Caprice and it’s smaller brother – the Little Caprice had got these names when Catherine signed the extremely extravagant financial estimates for ensembles construction. Allegedly she said: «So to be it, such is my whim ( caprice )…».
We can enjoy the beauty of these constructions thanks to Catherine’s whim.


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