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Борисова Дарья Борисовна
Kushnir Katya
ГОУ ЦО №1450 г. Москвы
Ученица 5 класса «Б»
(с углубленным изучением английского языка)

Samara is one of the largest industrial and cultural centres of Russia, located in the south-east of European Russia on the Volga River, “Mother of Russia”. It is crossed by the shortest ways from central and western Europe to Siberia, Middle Asia and Kazakhstan. Samara has a rich history of more than 400 years.
The natural beauty of the Volga spaces has attracted painters since olden times. Artists such as Repin, Ayvazovsky, Levitan, Savrasov painted from life on the Volga banks. Guests, coming to picturesque Samara, praise it for beautiful geographical position. It is seen in the close position of the Volga and the Samara rivers and the Zhiguli Mountains which are called "Switzerland on the Volga". Samara’s beach is really nice. Since there is nothing but forest on the far side of the Volga, the sunset is incredibly beautiful. Then in the evening, the beer garden and cafes are an excellent place to end the day.
During the Great Patriotic War, Samara (Kuibyshev at that time) became in fact the second capital of the USSR. The largest defense plants, creative intelligentsia representatives (writers, actors, composers) and diplomatic corps were relocated here to escape the ravages of the war. The city’s architecture is an entertainment itself: old historic wooden buildings in the centre and modern places such as nightclubs, banks, the Circus and fashionable apartment buildings are interspersed, creating a jumble of styles that could only be found in Russia. There are 6 theatres (among them 2 academic ones), a philharmonic and a symphony orchestra in this city. Samara is a transportation hub with a large railway station and international airport. It is a beautiful city indeed.


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