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We live in a beautiful place - Shilovo

Кирюхина Ирина Сергеевна
Образование - высшее,
Рязанский государственный педагогический институт,
1994 год, факультет иностранных языков,
отделение английского и немецкого языков.

Место работы - Муниципальное бюджетное образовательное учреждение Шиловская средняя общеобразовательная школа №2 муниципального образования – Шиловский муниципальный район Рязанской области. Занимаемая должность в настоящий момент - Учитель английского языка. Педагогический стаж (полных лет) и квалификационная категория - 18 лет.
-Первая квалификационная категория по должности учитель английского языка
-Первая квалификационная категория по должности заместитель руководителя
4 раза проходила стажировку в Англии. Вместе с Российскими детьми сотрудничали с университетом города Экзитер, Великобритания. Участвовали с английскими учениками в школьном проекте города Ситон.
Работала переводчиком в английской благотворительной организации «Люблю Россию» с 1999г по 2010 г.
Принимала участие в качестве переводчика и организатора в создании документального фильма «Мониторинг экологической ситуации в Шиловском районе» с доктором естествознания Саймоном Янгом.

We live in a wonderful small town Shilovo, standing on the Oka river. If we compare it with the other places on the map of Russia, it may seem to be the same as others, but in fact, it is really unique. Forests, fields, meadows, rivers and lakes… You may feel as if you have found yourself in a fairy tail! The history of Shilovo is old and rich. Our land was defended by a legendary hero Evpatiy Kolovrat. The monument to this glorious man is erected in the centre of the town.
Uspenskaya church is the heart and soul of our spiritual heritage. It was built in 1864 by an architect Voronikhin with the help of a merchant Toporkov. The frescoes and icons inside it are incredible masterpieces. Welcome to our library, which was founded in 1909. The library experienced a lot of tragical events. But even during the severe years of the Great Patriotic War its doors were opened for readers. Now it is the centre of cultural life of the town and the nearest villages. In 2011 the library was named after Nicolay Gumelev, «the knight of a silver age», whose patrimonial roots were here on Shilovo land. It was the 125-th anniversary of his birth.
As we have already said, our town is rather old. But in spite of the fact, it is very modern. Just walk along its streets and you will admit it. We are very proud of the sport centre with a swimming pool and all necessary equipment for different sport events. Grown-ups and children of all ages spend their leisure time there. Many various competitions are held in this centre and teenagers from different Russian towns take part in them. In spring and summer Shilovo is in blossom. In autumn it is covered with a golden carpet of leaves. In winter it is painted with silver glaze. Come to see our place. It is really worth visiting.


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