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Ryazan Region, Ryazhskiy Zoo

Семина Юлия, 10 класс
Браткина Татьяна Павловна, учитель английского языка
МБОУ Кораблинская средняя общеобразовательная школа
г. Кораблино, Рязанская область

There is one amazing and unusual place in Ryazan region. Previously, there was a manor, now there is a zoo. I like to visit it with my family. It is located in Ryazhsk.
In this Ryazhskiy Zoo there are wild animals from around the world. Two brown bears try to get each other's paws, three playful lion cubs the size of a pony humming like kittens, a Canadian black wolf, wild ducks. And our Russian gray wolves remind me of the dogs wagging their tails and waiting for goodies.
The camel looks at you from his height, a markhor, spotted deer and two beautiful Lamas with slanting eyes beg for a carrot. The tiger, the lynx and the cougar look at you very kindly, and sometimes growl warningly. But the owls and raccoons eat white bread. And the eagles look down at you with surprise and pride.
Many families with children and classes from all over the region come there. You don’t have to pay when you visit the Zoo. You are allowed to walk around the Zoo and talk to many animals and even feed them. The Zoo director is fond of the animals, because they’re all very clean and tidy. And my heart is happy that in our time there are enthusiastic and kind people, who love animals a lot.


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