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Taganrog, southern seaside town

Kostuk Nataly Andreevna
Secondary school № 12

I’m a pupil of the 10th form. I am smart, clever and creative.

I live in Taganrog. It is a southern seaside town. My town has a big history and is famous for its people. It is a home town of A. Chekhov and F. Ranevskaya. A lot of tourists go there to visit Chekhov’s house, grammar school and shop. But as any town it has a lot of places to visit. For example, we have famous Pushkin's embankment, museums, monuments and 4 parks.
I would like to tell you about my favorite place. It isn’t very famous, but it has its own history. An oak grove is the first artificial wood in steppe of Russia. It has been created by the order of Peter the 1st in 1699 as a wood for the ships. This oak grove locates in girder Big Turtle. There were 1500 large oaks, 225 small oaks, 40 willows, 34 cherries and apple-trees, 70 bushes in a grove in 1860 year. Political demonstrations took part in this grove. Alexander Chekhov in his "Notes" wrote: "Oak grove" have been surrounded by fields and represented itself a dark green oasis among the worrying sea of the corn»
In 1941-1943 fascist aggressors have cut down almost all groves. But In 1950 new oak trees have been planted. Nowadays it is a very nice and beautiful place. There is a central avenue with children’s playground. And other territory looks like a small forest. There is a small stream and there are 7 bridges in it.
I love this place because the air is pure and only few people know about it. And if you need calmness and rest, you should go there. I think it is one of the best places in my town.


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