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Why was it called Taganrog?

Жданова Дарья
10 Б класс
с углубленным изучением искусств и английского языка
Учитель: Лакиза Г.А.

My name is Darya. My surname is Zhdanova. I study in the 10th form in Taganrog. I was born in Taganrog. It’s my native town and I like it very much.
It has always been very interesting the history of the name of the cape Tagan-Rog. The agreement is achieved only with the second part of the word. It is considered that it refers to the configuration of the Cape of pierce with a sharp horn in the azure expanse of the estuary. But what does the first part of the name mean? Whose horn is it? Who or what is Tagan?
A long time ago at the dawn of a new era in the place where we now live there was eastern boundary of the ancient civilization. The Don and the Azov Sea were inhabited by the Greeks. They sowed grain and sold it to Athens; they traded pottery, drank wine, and worshiped their Olympic gods. In the system of local religious beliefs the Greeks heifer held a special place – Thane (in Greek). It was considered a sacred animal and was held in no leash. It was taken care of during one year, and then was sacrificed to the heavens at the great feast. Cult of heifer, obviously, was the basis for many names of local places. In fact, the Tanais means “That is the heifer”,” Tanacha” means “older heifer”, and Sar-Tana – “Yellow heifer.” One old fisherman from Primorskiy called Taganrog “Tugay”, and explained that in Greek, it means "The world’s end, the place for the heifer pasture".
That stuck together into an organic whole the components of the mysterious name. And we can say that the name of our town is a mixture of ethnic backgrounds, in which the native Greek “tana” mingled with the Slavic “rog” (horn) but that derived new formation began to sound in accordance with the laws of the Russian language. So in some documents you find "Tanagrog" or “Tanarog”.


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