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Taganrog is my favourite city

Pyadisheva Irina Viktorovna
Form 10 A School 83 Rostov-on-Don
Teacher Chernikova Viktoriya Viktorovna

Taganrog was founded is September 12, 1698. The city was founded by Peter the First. The population admired it and called the city "Little El Dorado." Taganrog city would not have known all over the world, if at night of January 29, 1860 Anton Chekhov was not born. The town has a museum complex dedicated to Chekhov. It includes the Literary Museum, House of Chekhov, Chekhov's Bench. Chekhov Theater’s the oldest theater in southern Russia. Its interior looks like La Scala in Italy.
Taganrog is an architectural and historic-literary city-reserve. Palace Alferaki is a historical museum. This building is called "The Winter Palace in miniature." Museum of town-planning and life is called architecture pearl. The pride of the city is a stone ladder. The ladder is created so that if you look from above it seems identical width and if from below it seems that it is narrowed.
In June 1820 Alexander Pushkin visited Taganrog and inspired by the trip wrote "U Lukomorja Dub Zelenii". In Taganrog you can visit four beaches: the Central, Sunny, Seaside and Eliseevsky. Taganrog is called a favorite city of the tsars. Peter the Great has based it, Ekaterina II has revived, and Alexander the First has chosen a place of the stay.
City Gorky Park is a favorite place of the citizens. Cafe "Krasnyi Mak" in Peter Street is one of the «visiting cards» of Taganrog. Main transport of Taganrog is a tram. Today Taganrog is a beautiful large port city, industrial, cultural and scientific center in southern Russia. Walking along the streets of Taganrog you can see many sculptures. Taganrog is a city for work, for study, for life.
Welcome to Taganrog!


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