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Taganrog, Shrovetide

Gonchar Olga
Form 6 V
The Municipal educational budget institution
Secondary comprehensive school № 37
With profound studying of English and Art
Teacher: Lakiza G.A.

My name is Olga. I am 12. I am from Taganrog. I’m a pupil of the 6th form. My uncle is Don Cossack. And now I would like to tell you how the Cossacks celebrate Shrovetide.
Every year the Cossacks meet near the sea. Their children always make a straw figure. They put on special clothes on it. This figure symbolizes winter. When this beautiful figure is ready men and children usually dance around it. At the same time women lay the table. They have a special menu on this day. They cook pancakes. They like to eat pancakes with butter, sugar, honey, sour cream and jam. There are a lot of pancakes on the table. When everything is ready, the games begin. The children solve riddles, fight with sacks, sledge and play leapfrog. At the end of these games the woman who played with small children hand out nice prizes to all the winners. They are usually ceramic toys painted by hand. Then they have the tastiest part of the holiday: all the Cossacks and their families sit at the table. They eat, talk and laugh a lot. All women and men often sing songs.
At the end of the holiday the Cossacks always gather in a circle and dance with swords. And while they are dancing, women and children are making a fire. It is so nice to see how the figure of winter is burning. I think it is very important to keep Russian traditions.


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