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Kazan is a historic center

Шафигуллина Инзиля Азатовна,
Чуру - Барышевская общеобразовательная школа, 9 класс

Я активная в школьной жизни. Увлекаюсь гуманитарными предметами. Особые успехи показала при изучении русского языка и литературы, татарского языка. Я принимала активные участия во всех школьных мероприятиях.

Kazan is one the oldest and most beautiful cities in the Volga region. Kazan is a thousand – year – old city with rich and unique history. Kazan is located in a very picturesque place. Two rivers – the Volga river and the Kazanka river, which played an important role in the history of the peoples of the country – meet here.
Thick forests with lots of animals, vast fields, big and small rivers and deep lakes with lots of fish make the nature of the Kazan area beautiful.
Lake Kaban, unique in its nature, “a mirror of clear water”, is in the center of Kazan. There are a lot of legends and mysteries connected with this lake. Some of them are sad. The Bulak river is very short. It is only 2 km long and stretches from Lake Kaban to the Kazanka river.

Legends about Kazan.

One of the legends is very popular. A Bulkar khan dropped a gold cauldron into the river. As “cauldron” in the Tatar language is “ kazan”, the river was called “Kazanka”. Another says that the name of the city might come from the shape of the shape of the Kremlin hill, which looks like an upturned cauldron. One of the them says that a terrible two – headed winged snake lived in a large cave near the Kremlin hill. Every day it flew to Lake Kaban to drink water. The monster horrified the local people. They called it “ Dzhilan”. At last Zilant was killed. The Kazan khan ordered to make its image the symbol of the city. The history of the Kazan Kremlin is also full of mysteries. Some legends are about the Suyumbike Tower. The tower was built on the ruins of the Kazan khan’s palace.
Moscow tsar Ivan the Terrible knew about the beauty of the Tatar Queen. He wanted to marry her. He built a beautiful tower for her. Another legend says that the Kazan people called the tower after S. who said “ no” to the Moscow tsar. It was very hard for S. to leave Kazan and become the Russian tsarina. She went to the top of the tower, looked around for the last time and threw herself down on the sharp stone.


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