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My native village, Kandyz

МБОУ Татарско-Кандызская СОШ
Бавлинский район
Республика Татарстан.
Газизова Эльвина Рафиковна, ученица 7 класса
Учитель английского языка Идрисова Гулюза Наилевна

I would like to tell about the nature of my village Kandyz. It is located in the south-east part of the Bavlinsky district. Its territory borders on the region Orenburg. It is situated in a hilly, very nice picturesque place. The forests with lots of animals, berries, vast fields, hills, springs, pounds make the nature of Kandyz very beautiful. It is one of the largest villages of the district.
Kandyz is surrounded by the hills, forests and springs. These hills and springs have their memorable names. Their names are connected with their locations and the different events of the village life. “Tashly bashy”- because of the lots of white stones on the top of the hill. “Gran Hill”- it is located in the board of Orenburg region.
“Karavyl tau ”- Watch Hill. The top of this hill was used as a watch tower. From this top ones could watch 12 villages. “Salikh hill”- it was so called after the man Salikh who made a straight way to other villages through this hill. The people of Kandyz take care of their springs, which also have their names-White spring, Ibly spring, Kainap chykkan spring, Cold, Dry, Five springs and so on. The village Kandyz was named after the river Kandyz on which the village is situated.


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