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The history of my village, Kandyz

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Шайхова Алия Марсовна, ученица 7 класса
Учитель английского языка Идрисова Гулюза Наилевна

I would like to tell some facts from the history of our village. It has a rich and unique history. It is considered that Kandyz was founded in 1668. It was believed that the village Kandyz was named after the river Kandyz on which the village is situated. The origin of the river’s name is unclear. There are a lot of romantic legends about the origin of the river’s name. One of the legend tells a story about costly fur animals-Kondyz , lived in the silver waters of the river. The river was named Kondyzly by the first settlements. It was mentioned about the river Kondyz in Moscow state archives in 1668. ”Вотчины … верхний рубеж по Ику Кандышская устья…” was written to tsar of Russia. Taking as basis this document, Kandyz was founded in 1668. The river was still called as Kondyzly in 18th century too , as written in records of 1764. «А башкиры Московской … огромные земли …начиная с речки Большой Карамалы … до устья речки Нарат через Ря…отколь на вершину речки Кундузлы …» Now Tat.Kandyz is divided into two parts by the river Kandyz. The wish for wealth and land was the main reason of foundation of the villages in this region.The first settlements of Kandyz were Tatars .They lived on the territory of the present Kandyz . Industrious Tatars took up crop-growing and cattle-breeding. Kandyz was the largest village and also it was an important centre of trade . It was popular by its bazar (market), where people could buy cattles, hand-making goods, furs ,wool and even goods from foreign countries . Unfortunately, now our village is not so large and popular.


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