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The legend about the Aghidel River

Денисламова Алия
ученица 7а класса башкирской гимназии им. Н.Наджми г. Дюртюли
Руководитель: Валиахметова Ляйсан Явдатовна

Му name is Aliya Denislamova. I’m 14 years old. My motherland is Bashkortostan. Bashkortostan is a lovely ancient land of Russia. I live in Dyurtyuli. It is a beautiful town in the North-West of Bashkortostan on the bank of the Belaya River (Aghidel). The Belaya River (Aghidel) trims the beauty of the nature of the town Dyurtyuli and our Republic.
There are a lot of beautiful rivers in Russia, but none of them can rival our river Aghidel in beauty. The Aghidel is known as the “Mothers of Bashkir Rivers”. It is the major waterway of Bashkortostan. The Aghidel comes from the Ural Mountains. There are so many legends and songs about the Aghidel River, which are the part of Bashkir folklore. There is one old legend that I liked best.
Once upon a time there lived an old, gray-haired man Ural. He had a beautiful daughter Aghidel. She was not the river those times, she was a girl. Aghidel was so beautiful that all horsemen (dzhigits) fell in love with her at first sight, and began to sing sad love-songs. But none of them could win her love in return. Moreover, Aghidel valued freedom and vowed not to give her heart to anyone, while there was the grief and suffering. She asked her father to turn her into the river that nobody could hold her. So Aghidel turned into a bright river. Aghidel slipped out from all dzhigits’ fingers and laked away.
She stopped for one moment, touched Ashak’s heart, ran it around, but couldn’t stop any more. She had forever become the river. The Aghidel River swam to her elder sister the Kama River, and then it took her to their Mother, the Volga River. This legend permeated with the idea of retaining life on Earth true to all mankind. It is related to a concrete place and concrete ethnic context.

  • Река Белая (Агидель)
  • Изгиб реки Белой (Агидель)
  • Верховья реки Белой (Агидели)
  • Водораздел рек Белой (Агидели) и Камы
  • Истоки реки Белой (Агидели) в Иремели


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