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Dalnerechenck is the most northern city in Primorski Krai

Prokopovich Timur, 10 Grade
Teacher: Bibikova Tatiana Danilovna

Dalnerechenck is the most northern city in Primorski Krai It stretches in a picturesque place in the valley among three rivers: the Ussuri, the Big Ussurkia and the Malinovka. In sunny days you can watch contours of mountains and mountinous ridges which are spurs of Sikhote-Alin range. Dalnerechensk has a heroic history. It is rich in many significant events. In the days of Civil War there were battles of Bolsheviks against ataman Kalmykov. The town is closely connected with the history of partisan movement in Primorye. Many streets are named in honour of participants in the Civil War in the Far East: A.Tatarintsev, P.Rjabuha, G.Utkin, and many others. The first newspaper "Struggle" was issued here. Partisan groups headed by E.Jaroshenko and I.Melyokhin fought courageously in our region. A well known soviet writer A. Fadeev described those events in his novel “Crushing Defeat”.
During the Great Patriotic War 6000 fellow -countrymen fought at the fronts against fashists and 2200 of them gave their lives for the Great Victory, seven soldiers were awarded Gold Stars of Soviet Union Heroes. Thousands of citizens made donations to building of the monument to heroes from Dalnerechensk died on the battle-fields during the Great Patriotic War. There is the Memorial devoted to the frontier guards, who died in March, 1969 on the island Damanski defending the borderlines of our Motherland against Chinese invaders. Every year a lot of local citizens and guests from other parts of our country gather in the park near this Memorial to honor the memory of those who gave their lives for our happy future. Everyone can learn all about our town in the historical museum, which is rich in documents, photos and exhibits.


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