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Primorski Krai, my Homeland

Alina Snitko, 16 years old
School №3, Dalnerechensk
Teacher: Bibikova Tatiana Danilovna

Primorski Krai is one of the most amazing corners of Russia. Look at the sky. It changes so often and it is always beautiful. It is wonderful at sunrise and at sunset when the whole sky becomes reddish. It is amazing when easy breeze drives clouds, it is beautiful even before a thunder-storm when it becomes dark blue, even black, and the lightning is sparkling through the clouds. Our Japanese sea is very beautiful in summer, reflecting in the blue sky as in a mirror, it. And people from many territories of Far East come to our warm and tender sea. You will be amazed by the rich world of the underwater kingdom: shrimps and prawns, squids and mussels, scallops and sea hedgehogs and a great number of fishes.
Magnificent nature of Primorye is rich in generous gifts, which you can hardly get in any other part of the world. The variety of plants is great here: nut-trees of many kinds, mushrooms, roots, lianas, berries and many other annual, perennial and creeper plants. When spring comes the fields and hills look like colorful carpets: you can’t but watch florescence of snow-drops, lily of the valley, wild rosemary, wild lilacs. Our government takes care of wildlife. There are some National parks, where you can meet Ussuri tigers, Himalayan bears, Manchurian deer, Far Eastern leopards, sables, wild pigs and many other species.
The unique taiga is picturesque sea coasts, solemn landscapes, mountainous tundra and a great number of medicinal herbs. The real wonder is ginseng which is widely used in pharmacology. The real pride of Primorski Krai is the islands scattered along southern coast: Russki, Popov, Putjatin, Rejneke, Askold and others. They were named in honor of famous Russian researchers and explorers.
I love my Homeland and hope to live here all my life.


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