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Omsk, the history of the city

Плесовских Вера Михайловна
БОУ Лицей 143
Учитель – Гайсинская Владлена Рафаэльевна

Russia! The only one name that sounds great! Russia is one of the biggest countries in the world. There are only 12 cities in Russia where the population is more than 1 mln people and my lovely city is one of them.
Omsk is a big city of Russial the first Omsk fortress was found in 1716 by Kazak detachment under I.D Buhgolz command. in 1716 Peter the first sent a detachment under Buhgolz command from Tobolsk to Siberia the task was to put nomads living there away. At the place where Irtysh and Om come close to each other , the detachment’s powers were so weak, that the commander made a decision to base a fortress there that was the day of birth of Omsk . The central square of Omsk is named by Buhgolz. The sphere on the center of the square ( diameter is 7 metres) takes the of Buhgolz. It was built in 1997, it symbolizes all the periods of city’s life.
Near it is Lenin’s street . Sometimes ago it was called Lyubinsky prospect . Nowdays this is the favourite place of Omsk citizens. During the holidays you can theatrical processions here the beginning of this street formation is going to 1851(Lyubinskaya Roshya). It was named in honour of Gasfords wife and for periods it was the place of people’s holidays. One of the interesting facts of this prospect is the territory of this prospect was suffering of floods. The greater part of it was under the water in 1818. In 1845 people could walk here only by boats . The flood of 1892 continued for some days all building were suffered mach.
And at the end of my story I’d like to tell you one interesting and mysterious fact about Omsk. There is a village in our regions . It’s name is Okunevo, on Tara river. There people saw UFO very many times , also they saw transparent figures without shadows . Somebody can go behind the tree and appear in 3 minutes the other one in 3 days. The scientists explain these phenomena so that there is a break in eath crust and opening of time and place channels, another word is parallel world!


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