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Name: Vlad Shikhanov
Age: 16. Form: 10. School: № 3.
Favourite Subjects : English, Biology, Chemistry, History
Hobbies: A role-play historical club

Favourite Subjects : English, Biology, Chemistry, History
Hobbies: A role-play historical club

I live in a small but a very beautiful town which is full of different legends and unusual stories. This town is situated in the south of Nizhniy Novgorod region, its name is Vyksa. And now I’d like to tell you a legend about the Peacock pavilion. Behind of the landlord’s house there was a wonderful park of limes. Not far from the landlord’s house there was a small two-floor pavilion. On the ground floor there lived peacocks, peahens, guinea fowls, storks and different rare birds. On the first floor there were rooms in which nobody lived. Under the pavilion there was a big and deep cellar. Guilty peasants found their death here. Two guards brought an offender with his closed mouth and, having opened three iron doors of the cellar, pushed him there and locked the doors. The person disappeared forever. In Vyksa people were afraid of this place. They said that it was a scary place.
The park where there was this legendary pavilion is a special sight of our town, its property, a valuable monument of landscape gardening art of the second half of 18th century. We can’t but admire our park, its beauty and grace.
The park was divided into avenues and paths on which sides fountains beat, rolled in a high pure grass. One of the most beautiful places of the park was a lake on which swans floated. It was called Lebedinka. In the whole territory of the park the system of channels worked. This heavenly spot was named « Small Venice ». The greenhouses of the park looked especially exotically in conditions of the severe Russian nature. Pineapples grew there, apricots, grapes which fruits were delivered to the table of Empress Catherine 2 in winter months and to her favorite Prince Potemkin-Taurian.
But to our regret many things of the park have not been preserved - including the Peacock Pavilion and greenhouses.


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