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The Ancient Labyrinths (mazes)

Дроздова Анастасия Александровна
МБОУ СОШ №31 города Мурманска
Ученица 10б класса, филологический профиль
Ракова Светлана Валерьевна
Учитель английского языка 1 категории

Among the ancient monuments of the Kola Peninsula, the ancient mazes acquired a great fame. They dated back to the II millennia BC. Before 1946 only three mazes were known on the Kola Peninsula. As time had passed, people managed to find seven more of these enigmatic structures. Now they can be seen near the town of Kandalaksha, on the Ponoy river (two mazes), near the Umba river, in the Vyashchin Bay, on the Kharlovka river and four of them are on the river Varzina. All known labyrinths of the Kola Peninsula are located along the sea coast. However, as they have been watched for more than 150 years, scientists suggested that none of them had been flooded with the sea water. It became clear because of the full undisturbed rocks’ shape forming mazes.
It turned out that the labyrinths were built in places where there were a lot of fish. That’s why it was not surprising that on the large rivers (Ponoy, Varzina) several mazes were built. The confirmation of the idea that ancient people wanted to lure into the rivers not only fish but also marine animals with the help of labyrinths can serve a whale vertebra which was found in a labyrinth on the river Varzina.


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