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Electrostal, the story of great success

Пименова Екатерина Андреевна.
Ученица 10 «А» класса «МОУ Гимназия №21»
города Электросталь Московской области.
Родилась и живу в городе Электросталь.

When the First World War began the idea of creation of a new plant appeared, and the government chose the place 58 km from Moscow, where there were a lot of forests and moors. At first it was thought that this idea was wrong, but two men Vtorov and Belyev said that they would build a great plant which would produce the best steel in our country. So, the building began. Forests were cut down, the moors were drained and the first brick was laid down, it was in 1916. In 1917 the first equipment was sent to the plant. The plant needed workers but there was no accommodation to live in. That is why, Vtorov decided to build a small village, where specialists could live near the plant which was called “Electrostal”. Since that time the plant became the centre of the town. The plant “Electrostal” was already well known and its steel was of a very high quality. The settlement was rapidly growing and in 1938 the villagers addressed to the government with the request to recognize their village as a town with the name of Electrostal. Now my town Electrostal is one the largest industrial towns of Moscow region. The plant “Electrostal” is famous for its steel all over the world. Its production is used in medicine and science. Moreover, the Kremlin stars are also made of the steel from our plant. I love my town very much and dedicate this poem to it:

Look at my town from one side
Its steel is our mark of pride.
It’s the town of beauty from the other side,
Its streets are warmed with gentle sunlight.
Its ingenuous nature will charm anyone,
It is a town of work and sun!


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