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Андреева Алина, Гусева Арина - ученицы 6А класса
МОУ-гимназии №15 г.Клин, Московская область
Учитель английского языка:
Савельева Валентина Александровна

Klin is situated in Moscow region near the road Moscow-Saint Petersburg. Klin was founded in the 14th century on the river Sestra. Peter the Great declared the people of the town to be coachmen and postmen. You can see a postman with a horn, riding a horse, on our coat of arms.
The first railway came to Klin in the 19th century and the town grew bigger. Our railway station is one of the oldest in Russia. Another attractive place is the architectural monument of the 19th century the Trade Rows in Sovetskaya Square. There are many shops here. The famous fountain “The Girl with mushrooms” stands here. It’s an unofficial symbol of the town. At night the fountain is lit and it is fantastic. London and Moscow have Clock Towers and our town has a clock Tower too. It is in Sovetskaya Square. Gagarin street is one of the main streets of the town. Here you can see a monument to people who were killed in World War II. It is the Eternal Flame. Many people come here and bring flowers to the monument.
Klin is famous for its museums. The most famous museum is P.I.Chaikovsky State House Museum. People from all over the world come to see it. We have A.P.Gaidar House Museum. He wrote many books for children. One more popular museum is the Museum of Christmas Toys. You can see Christmas toys and Christmas trees of different ages in it. Russian Father Frost visited this museum. There are many old churches in Klin. The oldest Uspenskiy Cathedral was built in the 16th century. New Klin is also very beautiful. Afanasiev Square is a quiet place with a beautiful fountain and people like to spend time here especially on hot summer days.
The Ice Palace is a popular place too. It got its name after V. Khorlamov. He was a famous hockey player. We love our town.


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