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“A forest glade” in Dedovsk

Лафазан Илья
ГОУ ЦО №1450 г. Москвы
Ученик 3 класса «Б»
(с углубленным изучением английского языка)

My name is Ilya. I am from Moscow. But I would like to introduce Dedovsk, a town on the Istra River. Not far from Moscow, just 30 kilometers away, there is an old Russian town called Dedovsk. The name comes from an old village and has been known since the 16 century.
If you are going to this town, it is worth visiting Borisoglebsky monastery. You certainly can’t leave without buying a loaf of Dedovsk famous bread. It is very tasty and peculiar.
Dedovsk is famous for some interesting historical facts. In the 17 century the owner of the village went to Volokolamsk to play cards and won two serf families called the Starikovs and the Nikytins. At present these are the most common surnames in the town. You would never believe it but Dedovsk is also considered to be a town of kickboxing players. There is a special sports club and a lot of people join it.
The scenery is picturesque and unique. That is why there is a camp called “A forest glade”. This is my favourite place. I spent my last summer holidays there. I made a lot of friends. The nature is very beautiful and we spent o lot of time outdoors. We went to the forest and caught insects, for example, butterflies, buds and grasshoppers. We tried to put them into plastic containers but our teachers explained to us that the insects could die. So, we realized that we should take care of nature and let them out.
I am only nine and I was impressed by some interesting facts of the history of the town and I liked the bread. I enjoyed my stay in the camp so much that I would like to visit it again.


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