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The theatre of Durov

Государственное бюджетное учреждение города Москвы,
центр образования № 572 район Люблино
Учитель Смирнова Марина Владимировна

At first glance, the theatre of Durov looks like a tent. Wide stairs lead to the massive glass door. Many metal figures of various animals are placed over the main entrance. There is an elephant on the ball holding a long pole in his trunk with two pigeons sitting on it. There is also a monkey, cockerel, goat, pig and a bear holding funny fox on his head. This is our Moscow theatre of animals.
Next to the theatre there is a brick house where a great artist, clown and a trainer Vladimir Durov lived. He tamed pets, wild animals and birds. Many animals lived together with him and his family as pets.
Durov knew the psychology of animals very well. So he was able to establish a fantastic contact with them. His pets performed his commands without a lash and the rude words.
Today the work of the great trainer continues by his heirs. Performances for children of all ages are given in this theatre almost every day. Tigers, bears, rabbits, parrots, pelicans, a little elephant and a wild boar can often be seen on the stage. Durov lived in Moscow in the street of Staraya Bozhedomka, which now is named in honor of Durov


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