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Seven Stalin’s High-rise Buildings

Дмитрий Теймуразович.
(ученик 8 «А» класса)
ГОУ СОШ №378, г.Москва

I live in Moscow and I’m proud of my hometown. As you know there are a lot of sights in Moscow. But first of all foreign tourist visit Red Square. But the heart of Moscow isn’t only Red Square and Kremlin. There is a lot to see in Moscow.
In the center of Moscow there are «seven sisters» - seven Stalin’s high-rise buildings. They were built in honour of the 800th anniversary of the foundation of Moscow. These buildings are impressive. They attract tourists.
The most famous Stalin’s high-rise building is the building of Moscow State University. It’s different from other «sisters», because it has a beautiful bright clock.
The building in Kotelnicheskay embankment looks beautifully on the background of the Moskva-river as well as hotel «Ukraine».
The building of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is not like rest. At it’s peak there is no star – symbol of high-rise buildings.
The residential houses in the «Red gates» and Kudrinskaya Square almost don’t differ from each other. But all of them are interesting for tourist and visitors.
The hotel «Leningradskaya» is the smallest. It is located near three railways stations «Leningradskiy», «Yaroslavsiy», «Kazanskiy».
All of Stalin’s high-rise buildings are the great monuments of history and the patrimony of culture and art. I have already visited them and got a good impression. I advise you to visit these places of interest. I think Moscow is the city that must be seen.

  • The hotel «Ukraine»
  • The Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • The hotel «Leningradskaya»
  • The residential house in the Kudrinskaya Square
  • I’m near the residential house in the Kudrinskaya Square
  • The residential house in the «Red gates»
  • The Moscow State University
  • The building in Kotelnicheskay embankment


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