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Дуванова Римма Владимировна,
Учитель английского языка ГБОУ СОШ №581 ЮАО
Участники проекта: Приданцев Дмитрий,Выставкин Александр 4 ‘А’ класс

Orekhovo is first mentioned in written sources at the end of the XVI century. In 1683 the land was owned by the well known Duke Vasiliy Galitsyn. However, as we recall from Russian history, that was a troubled time. When Galitsyn fell into disgrace, his possessions were taken from him. Later, during the rule of Peter the Great, Orekhovo was given to Dmitrey Kantemir, ruler of Moldova, who had been Peter the Great’s ally in the Prutsky campaign of 1771. After the death of the last of Kantemir family, their lands and possessions reverted to tsarina Catherine II . In 1762 the population of Orekhovo was 104 peasants, and the main occupation was the production of apples, although other fruits and vegetables were also cultivated. Orekhovo’s location on the Kashirskoye Highway was favourable because it was a main commercial route into Moscow, travelled by carts heavily laden with bread from the south.
In the second half of the XIX century, there were 49 houses in the village, and the main occupation remained agricultural. In 1869 many of the apple trees were destroyed by frost, and new were planted. Grain crops gradually replaced potato crops. Also, at that time cow breeding became an important occupation.
After the revolution, the village continued to grow. The area of land used for gardens diminished as ploughland increased. In 1930 the government developed a collective farm which grew fruits and vegetables. It was named for Budennye, but the name was changed to Lenin after 1945. The area suffered much destruction during the Second World War.
In 1960 mass housing construction began on the site of the former villages, Orekhovo became a part of Moscow. Those people who had lived as villagers in Orekhovo were given flats in the new housing.


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