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Moscow underground, interesting facts

Ученица 5-го «А» класса ГБОУ СОШ №619 г.Москва
Рочикашвили Мариам
Учитель – Одинокова Елена Васильевна

Underground is the most comfortable public transport in Moscow. People can go from one end of the city to other by metro more quickly than by different kinds of transport like bus, trolley - bus and tram.
There are twelve lines in Moscow underground .The first line was opened on the 15th of May 1935 and went from the station "Sokol’niki" to the station "Park cultury". Every line has the number, name and colour. There are a lot of beautiful and convenient stations on each line of Moscow underground. The name of the station near my house is "Schyolkovskaya". There are 185 stations in Moscow underground nowadays. Some new stations are opened every year in the city.
Metro works from 5.20 a.m to 01.00 a.m. The deepest station is "Park Pobedy"(84m). The longest station is "Vorobyovi gory" (282m). The longest escalator is 126,8m, a height of getting up is 63,4m ("Park Pobedy").
Rules in underground forbade:
- to smoke
- to stick personal announcements
- to stand behind a restricting line on the platform
- to lean to the doors of a carriage
My favourite station is "Ploshad’ Revolutsii". It is a very beautiful station. This station was opened on May 13, 1938. The depth of this station is 34 metres. There are many beautiful sculptures there. The sculptures are made from marble. Now there are seventy seven sculptures there. At this station there is a sculpture of a dog and if you rub its nose and have some wish, it will come true. I like this station very much.
A lot of people use underground because it’s fast, safe and the most convenient transport in the city.


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