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Школа №1035, 6-а класс.
Учитель Качесова О. А.

What do you think if there is any connection between the words “elk” and “metro”. At first sight- no connection. But the fact is that we live in the district “Metrogorodok” which is situated in Moscow at the suburbs of the huge forest park called “Elk Island”. It is a favorite place for walking of our dwellers. And of course we try to support our birds and animals: everybody who goes to the forest brings seeds and bread to bird-tables and nuts for squirrels. We can often see elks in the forest, they are huge but kind.
They are not afraid of people and they can go out from the forest to the nearest bus stop to find any food. And our grandparents still remember an old yard for elks instead of our sport ground. People used to come there to take care about elks. Many years ago when the building of metro started in Moscow only little houses stood at our place. The first builders of metro lived there. They arrived in Moscow from different parts of our big country and from abroad.
Now there are a lot of houses block of flats with modern conveniences and people of different professions live there. And the name “Metrogorodok” reminds us about the history of our city. We like our region and we are proud of its history and its dwellers. There are famous actors, politicians, teachers and workers among them. There is a factory “Kollos” which spaghetti and chips are eaten by all Russians. And also everybody knows about meat factory “Cherkizovsky” which produces tasty sausage. Our region is becoming more comfortable nowadays. We’ll try to do our best to make the life in Metrogorodok more interesting. What shall we start with?... May be with a shelter for cats and dogs?!


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