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Moscow, Ivanteevskаya street

Михайлова Таисия
8 класс «А», ГБОУ СОШ №362 г. Москвы
Учитель английского языка: Коровина Ольга Андреевна

Ivanteevskаya is an old district in the east of Moscow. Its history dates back to the middle of the sixteenth century when there was a small village of Alymovo there. Ivan the Terrible, an owner of the village, passed it to Chudov monastery in 1568. Peter the Great founded the first paper enterprise here. At the beginning of the nineteenth century the state became the owner of the village. The first dachas appeared here in the 1850s. Many famous writers, artists and poets spent their free time on the picturesque banks of the, Yauza river. In 1879 Ivanteevskaya was included in the territory of Moscow, and in 1913 the first tram line appeared there. Now, there are above ten industrial enterprises, 20 schools, 3 libraries, 3 clubs for children and exhibition Ivanteevskaya hall, where various interesting, historical and art exhibitions are held.
Rokossovsky Boulevard is one of the main streets in the district. It was named after Marshal Constantine Rokossovsky in 1969. Soviet troops under his leadership, acted successfully in Moscow, Stalingrad and Kursk battles during the Great Patriotic war. Now it is a wide green street where people walk with children, play sports, meet friends and go shopping.
Another interesting place is Sinichkin sguare where citizens usually gather to celebrate holidays. There you can watch performances and funny competitions, sing and play. National Park «Losiny Ostrov» occupies about 65 per cent of our district. It is the largest forest in the world situated within city boundaries. Russian kings used to hunt there since the 15th century.
Now it is the most favorite place for family rest and going in for sports. Wildlife is various in the park. One can find 38 species of mammals and above 160 species of birds. Prevalent types of trees are fir, pine and birch lovely views of nature are touching in all seasons. I like living in Ivanteevskaya.


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