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Дмитриева Анастасия Александровна
МОУ СОШ № 11
Душеина Татьяна Владимировна

Our unique ancient town, which was founded seven centuries ago, is called Vyborg. There are several examples of magnificent medieval buildings in it. The Round Tower in Market Square is the outpost of the exciting Medieval town (the quite narrow streets in this part of Vyborg create the atmosphere of the middle ages). It is a rare example of ancient architecture as it is all made of stone. The Clock Tower with its tolling bells is a constant symbol of the limited time.
The heart of the town is Vyborg`s castle, which was founded by Swedes in 1293 on the Karelian lands. Now it is a museum. The engrossing exhibitions tells about the main breathtaking periods of town`s history. Every season there are many people, who are eager to go to the top of the main tower to have a remarkable sight of the city from a bird flight height.
Another place of interest is Monrepos Park. It is attractively situated on the shore of the Finnish Gulf. It was created by the famous philosopher Ludvig Van Nicolai. It is famous for its beautiful landscape, which was designed in the romantic style. Vyborg Library is design by the famous Finnish architect Alvar Aalto. Nowadays it is known as The Central City Alvar Aalto Library. Vyborg continues to be an important industrial producer of paper. Tourism is increasingly important, and the Russian film festival Window to Europe takes place in the town each year.


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