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The heroes of UYAR

Моисеев Андрей ученик 9 клааса
МБОУ ДОД “Центр Дополнительного Образования Детей “Пионер”
Уярского района, Красноярского Края.
Ясинская Анна Владимировна, учитель английского языка
МБОУ ДОД “ЦДОД “Пионер” Уярского района, Красноярского Края.

Among the most distinguished themselves in a battle for their country we proudly name Malygin Konstantin Nikolsky from the village council, who fought from the beginning to the end of the war against the enemy, for which he was awarded the title jf the Hero of the Soviet Union and the rank of major general, pupils of the school № 40 Evgeny Trofimov and Alexander Semenovich Ermakov, airmen who were also awarded by the title of the Hero of the Soviet Union.
A.Ermakov in 1944 made 137 sorties in 1944, awarded posthumously. E. F. Trofimov spent 20 air battles, personally shot down 14 enemy aircrafts. Marshal Pavel Kuleshov during the war commanded the artillery of the North-Western Front. In the postwar years he was a deputy commander of the air defense, he was awarded the title of the Hero of Socialist there.
Many military decorations awarded to Konstantin Lazarev of Ol'gino, Grigory Kachurin of Tolstikhin. Michael Gavrilovic Starovoitov of the New Alsksandrovki. George Y. Lysenok of Uyar, Alexey and Sergey Fokanov Slim came to Berlin, put his name on the building of the Reichstag, a member of the Victory Parade Yegorov Emelyashin.
The victory went to great cost to our people. The Total area of Uyar in the army 7710 people were called, of whom 3820 died on the battlefields and missing. Today, there are 642 participants and invalids of the Great Patriotic War live here and were awarded by military medals and orders for 1941-1945. Uyar residents go on bike ride dedicated to veterans of the Great Patriotic War every year. I took part in it last year. I have great respect for the veterans of the World War II.


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