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Tukhtet Village

Hello! We are Dergunova Julia and Payu Anastasia from Tukhtet.
We are 10th form students of the Tukhtet secondary school № 1.
Our English teacher is Alekseeva Zinaida Stepanovna.
Everyone has his small homeland, a place where he was born and raised. No doubt, our native land is the best place on the Earth. Village Tukhtet - is our little taiga region, our familiar, native, bright and the most beautiful place in Siberia. Here you can relax, enjoy the beauty of nature, breathe the fresh forest air. And every season makes us happy here. In winter, it is so nice to look at the snow-covered streets and houses. With the arrival of spring, the village is transformed, wearing a new green dress. In summer there is a rich harvest of mushrooms and berries - raspberries, currants, blueberries, cranberries and strawberries, pine nuts in our woods!
Autumn turns Tukhtet into fairy-tale, which continues to give people the rich colors of nature. But then again Tukhtet puts on his snowy hat and getting ready for the harsh Siberian winter. Thousands and thousands of beautiful words we want to find to describe our favourite native small settlement, but none can compare with its infinite beauty and warm, homey feel.
We love our Tukhtet and sincerely wish its prosperity. Let it warms us with its native warm, as it warmed up our ancestors for many years . And we will answer in return. We do promise!


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