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The village of Uspenskoe

Ткаченко Кристина
Учитель – Баранова Екатерина Борисовна

Hello! My name’s Kristina. I’m a pupil of the 11th form. I’d like to invite you to make a tour of my district. Uspensky district is situated in the southeast part of Krasnodar region. It borders on Otradnensky, Novokubansky districts, the town of Armavir and Stavropol region. Our district was founded in 1924. Its territory was often changed and nowadays there are 31 settlements. The district is divided by the Kuban River into two parts. I live in the village of Uspenskoe which is on the left bank of the river. Uspenskoe is located in a very picturesque place. The Kuban is really rapid and wayward. Along the river there’s a deciduous forest with some wild animals and birds. And every winter we can watch some swans which come from the northern parts of Russia. Our village is rather large. In the center there is a beautiful green park with a fountain. We have the War Memorial in the park which was built to honour the memory of those who had died during the War of 1941-1945. Every year on 9 May we hold a meeting there and remember our great-grandparents. There’s also the Lenin Monument in the park. If you’re interested in sport you can visit a stadium, that was reconstructed last year, or a sport center where you can do different kinds of sport. By the way, the Honoured Master of Sports in weightlifting, repeated Russia, Europe and World Champion Marina Shainova comes from our district. We have two secondary schools, a musical school, a library and a cinema in Uspenskoe. As for the industry, there is a sugar-beet factory. Of course, it plays an important part in development of district economy. Recently a lot of modern shops have been built in our village. The streets are changed every day. Many nice sidewalks and flower-beds appear everywhere. They make Uspenskoe even more beautiful.


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