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Feodorovskay Church and a Capsule of Time

Полушкина Гульчачак Форзановна
КОГОАУ «Лицей естественных наук»
Учитель английского языка высшей квалификационной категории.
Стаж работы – более 20 лет.

There is an amazing place on the high bank of the river Vyatka in Kirov. It’s the place where two different times, two different worlds, two different ideologies coexist closely.
I’d like to tell about Feodorovskay Church in Kirov. The temple is named in honour of Feodorovskaya Theotokos’s icon, the patron icon of the Romanov family. The church was put up in 1913 when all Russian people celebrated the 300-year anniversary of Romanov family. That’s why people often call it the Romanovs. It was built by a famous architect I. Charushin.
The temple was blown up and destroyed by the order of the town authorities during the improvement of the main promenade in 1962. In honour of the 600-year anniversary of Kirov a new shrine – a Capsule of Time was put up in 1974. It is a message to the future generations. The author of this message believed that his descendants would live under communism. This Capsule of Time should be opened in honour of the 700-year anniversary of the town in 2074.
In 2004 there was a decision about the reconstruction of the church. A Memorial Cross was erected on this place and a lot of pilgrims began to visit it. In 2006 the building of the wooden church was begun. The church was made from wood because people didn’t want to destroy the shrine of the past years – a Capsule of Time.
Nowadays a beautiful temple stands there and it is visible from far away. A Capsule of time is situated in front of the entrance to the church. I think that this unique sightseeing of our town is a symbol of our time. Living in the present and building our future we keep carefully our past.


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