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517th kilometer, Kemerovo region

Безуглая Мария Андреевна, ученица 10 класса
МБНОУ «Городской классический лицей»,
г. Кемерово, Кемеровская область.
Учитель английского языка – Ерофеева Александра Алексеевна

For many people 517th kilometer is just a part of the long route between two towns of Kemerovo region: Novokuznetsk and Tashtagol. But the inhabitants of the region know that there is something special and unusual about this area.
In the twentieth century the prisoners of Gulag, the priests and laymen were exiled there in order to build a new railway. However the conditions in the camp were terribly severe, that is why many people died due to the hard work, and others were tortured and shot. Soon after this incident the three springs with the incredibly pure and tasty water broke through the ground on the place of the execution. In the memory of the martyrs someone placed a huge cross and raised a small chapel there. Nowadays people can see only the ruins of this construction.
Many years later, in 2006, with the help of three local perishes a new wooden church was found there. It is not big, but it is very pleasant to be there. Apart from the church people built a two-storeyed house with a capacity for from forty to fifty pilgrims and with a huge canteen downstairs. A lot of Christians regularly come to this remote sacred place to pray, ask the Saints for healing and plunge into the holy spring. They wish to cleanse both body and soul. The water in the fount saves the same temperature all year round. It never freezes.
Moreover, the church is situated in a very picturesque area. It is surrounded by the beautiful mixed forest, hills and valleys. You can find lots of unique plants, trees, lichens, gather some herbals there. So do not miss the opportunity and visit this place, feel close to the nature and prepare to believe in wonders.


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