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Ekaterinburg, Ganina Yama

Ученица 5 В класса
гимназии № 70
Симкина Екатерина
г. Екатеринбург
Свердловская область

Ganina Yama is 17 kilometers from Ekaterinburg. It is a derelict mine. In summer of 1918 the remains of the last Russian tsar’s family were buried here. On May 29, 1979 the burial was found by geologists. The monastery dedicated to the Saint Tsar Martyrs was erected here. 7 wooden temples were built on the territory of the monastery. Every of them has special features but they constitute a unite architectural ensemble. Poklonniy Krest is placed in the center of the monastery. There are also a cross which belonged to Romanov dynasty and miraculous icon in the Saint Tsar Martyrs’ Temple. In the course of this tour you’ll also visit Temple-on-Blood located in the place of Ipatiev’s house where the tsar family lived it’s last days. Trupp had been brought here, to the Tract of Four Brothers, immediately after the murder. In order to conceal this crime committed not only against the truth of this world, but also against the truth of God, the bodies were cast off into one of the abandoned shafts at an old mine at Ganina Yama. However, what was done in secret in the middle of the night very soon became clear as noonday.
A Cross for veneration has been erected over the shaft in the recent years, and the earth richly bedewed with the blood of the martyrs is now decorated by numerous churches. An Orthodox monastery was founded here with the blessing of His Holiness, Most Holy Patriarch Alexius II of Moscow and all of Russia. The first monastery church dedicated to the Holy Royal Passionbearers was founded here on October 1, 2000. By now there are seven churches in this area dedicated to the Holy Royal Passionbearers, Derzhavnaia and the Iveron Icons of the Mother of God, St. Nicholas the Wonderworker, St. Seraphim of Sarov, St. Sergius of Radonezh, and Job the Long-Suffering. The monastery hosts pilgrims from all over Russia and from abroad.


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