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Veliky Ustyug - the birth psace of Ded Moroz

Чечёткин Михаил Алексеевич
Ученик 7 ”А” класса ГОУ СОШ №793
Преподаватель: Золототрубова Татьяна Александровна

Veliky Ustyug is Russian town located in Vologodskaya region. It is situated at the confluence of the river Suchona and the river Yug. This town is the birthplace of our most famous fairy tale hero and the main symbol of New Year – Ded Moroz. Veliky Ustyug is one of the most ancient Russian towns. It was founded in 1147. The trade route “From the Vikings to the Greeks” passed through the town. The town was given its name because of the river Yug’s outfall – Ust - Yug or Ustyug.
The citizens of Veliky Ustyug are proud of famous explorer - Semen Dezhnev who discovered the Dezhnev’s strait. Nowadays Veliky Ustyug is the town-museum which is visited by tourists from the different countries of the world. The town has preserved its face since at least 19-th century so there aren’t new buildings. The town main cathedral is Uspensky. Tourists can have a beautiful view of the town from its belfry. In the Wives Mironosits church there is a Russian New Year toy museum. If you go inside the church of Ascension, you will be impressed by its five brilliant iconostases. Another church has the name of the first Russian holy Prokopy Righteous.
Since the year 1999 Veliky Ustyug has been declared the birthplace of Ded Moroz. There is Ded Moroz’ post, which is sent a lot of letters with requests about presents by Russian children; his house, which is visited by tourists and their children; an apiary, which produces delicious Ustyug honey. On the territory of his house there is the Fairy Tail Trail where children can meet Baba Yaga and Leshy, meet 12 months and have fun at many other nice attractions!
When I was younger, I was there, tasted their honey, went through the Fairy Tail Trail and met Ded Moroz so I still have good memories about this beautiful town!


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