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There is no history without people

Бойкова Екатерина 10 класс
МБОУ Сергиевская СОШ
Станица Сергиевская
Даниловский район Волгоградская область
Учитель: Янюшкина Г. Г.

Have you ever heard about the Cossack settlement Zapoljansky? I don’t think this name is familiar to many people. And have you ever heard about Boris Rubashkin? I am quite sure this name is familiar to many people all over the world, because Boris Rubashkin (the real surname – Chernorubashkin) is a world-known singer and dancer. And what connects the Cossack settlement Zapoljansky and Boris Rubashkin? Though he lives abroad (in Austria), his roots are in Russia. His father Semeon Chernorubashkin came from the Cossack settlement Zapoljansky in the northern part of Volgograd region. Boris Rubashkin was born 1n 1932 in Sofia in a family of Russian emigrants. The Chernorubashkins emigrated from Russia after Great October Revolution. Now Boris Rubashkin lives in Austria. As a musician he started his career in restaurant where he sang Russian folk songs and finished at Viennese Opera. In 1967 Boris Rubashkin was named the best baritone of Salzburg. His repertoire included more than 30 leading parties for the baritone in operas by Verdi, Mussorgsky, Mozart and others. He went on several tours in Europe, America, and Australia. His brilliant performances always caught the attention of audience. Boris Rubashkin also wrote music and performed on stage the dance “Kazachok”. This dance is known and popular all over the world.
Boris Rubashkin is proud of his Russian roots. He likes to come to Russia. In 1991 he visited the Cossack settlement Zapoljansky and set a monument to his ancestors in the local St. Peter and Paul’s Church. I am from this Cossack settlement Zapoljansky and I am proud of it. And I want everybody to know about my small homeland and about one of its great people - Boris Rubashkin.


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