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Legend of the river Medveditsa

Михайлова Евгения 5 класс
МБОУ Сергиевская СОШ
Станица Сергиевская
Даниловский район Волгоградская область
Учитель: Янюшкина Г. Г.

My native stanitsa Sergievskaya is situated in the northern part of Volgograd region on the picturesque bank of the river Medveditsa that means a she-bear. What is the origin of the word Medveditsa? Where does the name of the river come from? There are several explanations for the name of our river. I’m going to tell you a most fascinating dramatic story. The legend says: “Once upon a time there lived a she-bear with two cubs. She loved her babies very much. She was a good mother. She cared of them constantly and taught them different useful things such as picking up berries and catching fish. And her cubs were lively, funny and a little naughty. They were busy the whole day running, jumping, chasing and climbing trees. At nights the mother bear warmed and lulled her children at their lair. The more they lived together the happier they were. But one day an angry hunter-man came. He saw the young cubs and killed them. The mother-bear suffered very much. She grieved for her children. She couldn’t live without them. She stopped eating and drinking. She lay motionlessly daily and nightly at her lair and big tears ran from her eyes. Nature sympathized with the she-bear. It suffered greatly too but couldn’t help mother’s grief. The Earth was sorry … Suddenly some springs appeared in the place where the mother-bear lay and mourned over two lovely cubs.. They joined together and gave the beginning of the river. People named the river Medveditsa in honor of the mother-bear.
My native stanitsa is a small and quiet place. You can find nothing unusual or unique here. But our river Medveditsa is unforgettable! It attracts many people from all parts of our big country. People that have relatives or friends in our stanitsa are lucky dogs because they are often invited to spend their weekends and holidays on the beaches of the river. They swim, dive, and play volleyball. Everybody enjoys picturesque nature and clear water. Medveditsa is real paradise in summer. Welcome!


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