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Семисотов Андрей Олегович
МБОУ «Средняя общеобразовательная школа №5
г. Михайловка» Волгоградской области

Ученик 7 класса, увлекается историей и английским языком

Mikhailovka is a tiny town in the north-west of Volgogradskaya region. Its population is over 60 thousand people. The emblem of our town is St.Michael killing the snake. Mikhailovka was founded in 1762 by Michael Sebryakov who received this piece of land from Peter III. At first Mikhailovka was a small sloboda. Its development began in 1869 when the railway was built. The station was named Sebryakovo. At that time Mikhailovka was specialized in agriculture. During the World War II 11 000 people became the soldiers of the Soviet Army and defended our Motherland. 6000 of them were killed. Mikhailovka was transformed into a town in 1948 when it was decided to build the Cementary plant. Now it is one of the most important plants in Russia.
Mikhailovka is famous for its beautiful nature. The Medveditsa river is one of the most amazing places. Some centuries ago it was suitable for ships but now the situation is different. Nevertheless, it is perfect for rest. What a pleasure to lay in the sun, to swim and to catch a fish! Though our native town is very small some places of interest are worth visiting. They are the Historical Museum, the Art gallery, the monuments to the soldiers of World War I, World War II, War in Afganistan. If you are fond of sport you are sure to like the sport complex with a football pitch, a swimming pool, a skating rink, a tennis court and some gyms. Some places are extremely popular with young people. They are the “Happy” fountain and the “Tree of the Lovers”.
Mikhailovka is a town in a thousand because I was born there!


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