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They glorify our city

Кикина Ирина Владимировна
8 «в» класс МОУ гимназия №4
Учитель английского языка: Гайдей Елена Робертовна

Занималась танцами, в настоящее время увлекаюсь вокалом, играю на фортепиано, люблю изучать иностранные языки, читать и сочинять стихи.

The pride of any country is in its people. Russia has always been proud of its scientists, musicians, actors, writers, sportsmen. Volgograd can boast of many people who brought fame to Russian culture and sport. I’d like to tell you about the Golden trio of Volgograd. The name of Elena Isinbayeva is known not only in the country, but all over the world. She is twice an Olympic gold medalist (2004 and 2008), a five-time World Champion. She became the first woman to clear the five-metre barrier in 2005. Elena Isinbayeva has broken the pole vaulting world record 28 times! That’s why she is often called the Queen of Pole Vaulting.
Tatyana Lebedeva is a well-known long-jumper and the current world record holder in the hop, step and jump (15, 36 m). She has won silver and bronze medals in Olympic Games, World and European Championships – both indoors and outdoors. Tatyana Lebedeva has been awarded the Statue of Silver Fallow-Deer – the Prize of the Best Champion of Russia.
Elena Slesarenko is widely considered the greatest Russian female high-jumper of all time. She was named Female Athlete of the Year 2011. Elena Slesarenko has won a lot of medals in World and European outdoor and indoor championships. She is an Honourable master of Sports. Undoubtedly, they are the pride of our city, they are the pride of our country! They glorify our city, they glorify our country! They are the Volgograders! And I am proud of being a Volgograder, too.


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