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Belgorod region, Stroitel

Овчинникова Алина, 7 класс
г. Строитель Яковлевского района Белгородской области»

Welcome to our native town. Stroitel is situated in Belgorod region. Our town was founded in 1958. It is a beautiful modern town with the population of more than 30.000 people. Now its population is still growing. You can see multi-storied buildings, wide and straight streets, a green square and a park. Like any living organism Stroitel is constantly growing and changing. During the last decades Stroitel has changed greatly, it has significantly spread and acquired many new unique architectural ensembles. The heart of the town is Central Square. It is a recognized place of mass demonstrations, festivities and meetings. In the Centre of the Square there is a House of Culture. It is an imposing building whish attracts everybody’s attention. On the other side of the Square you can see Eternal Flame – a memorial to those who fought and died in the Great Patriotic War. On Victory Day and the fifth of August towns people of Stroitel and their guests bring flowers to this tomb. In front of the monument there is a building of District Administration.
Let’s go to the Avenue of Heroes. It is a park. It is beautiful in all seasons. You can spend a fun filled day in this Park. Behind the House of Culture there is a children’s town. Every day a lot of children with their parents come here to play. There are 5 schools in Stroitel: №1, №2, №3 specializing in different subjects, a music school, a sport school and kindergartens. Stroitel has 2 secondary establishments, including 2 specialized schools. Our town has 2 libraries. Their aim is to develop the various cultural and educational services. Stroitel is a very green town. Everybody likes to it’s abundance of trees and flowers in avenues, parks, just in streets near residential blocks of flats.
People, who live in my native town, are hospitable and friendly. They are proud of the town they live in, of its past and present and they do their best to make it more beautiful.


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